Join my challenge in October?

The Halloween challenge! Sew, draw, doodle, illustrate, cook, write, craft, a thing a day following the Halloween challenge. Number 3? That's October 3rd. Make things that would be suitable for selling in the imaginary, magical Idea Emporium. What aisle or department would it be sold in? The Garden, Bakery, Fashion department or Invention Room? Join… Continue reading Join my challenge in October?

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Sketchbook Inspiration Sheet: Manolo’s Shoes

©designing fairy 2018 Today's Inspiration Sheet All last year I've been making Inspiration Sheets in my Brain sketchbooks. They started out as an idea or jumping point and then sometimes I pair them with music to listen to and branch off into other resources I find. This is the first one I am sharing with… Continue reading Sketchbook Inspiration Sheet: Manolo’s Shoes