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Check out the Playhouse Page

I've added a Cinema page! I will be adding tiny bits of videos often to peek into the world of the Idea Emporium so you can learn more about it. Did you know that every day at 4pm is Feeding Time for the monsters grown in jars in the Invention Room? Curious? Go here. And… Continue reading Check out the Playhouse Page

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I’m not allowed to look at other artists, Being Authentic Part two

I'm blocked. I'm looking at Chapter 3 and it's coming to the home stretch of being able to submit it as a sample chapter, and the ideas aren't flowing. The irony of this is I just wrote about what to do to unblock in last week's post. But that's how it always works, whatever I… Continue reading I’m not allowed to look at other artists, Being Authentic Part two

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Playing with Alien Botany

The Nursery Department grows and sells Alien Botany from seeds from all over the planets. I bet you didn't know that. I'm developing the pages for the book and here's a sneak peek for all you readers. What started out as a sketch... Before clean-up and for the coloring page. Creating a planet for the… Continue reading Playing with Alien Botany