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Creative Resources

Other Innovative Teachers Who Think out of the Box: More jumping off points for your creativity and imagination that float my boat and I hope, will float yours too. The book, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron is the artist's bible Herve Tullet's Art Workshop Technical Classes on Skillshare that teach with fun Jill Badonsky's… Continue reading Creative Resources

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Creative Prompt: Stars in Jars

Take out a sketchbook and draw and doodle ideas for…if you could catch Stars in Jars. In the Invention Room, they do just that. And later sell them in the mall. If you are a writer, write about it. Tell me about this invention. Tell me about stars. Design thoughts: Are the stars pointy? Do… Continue reading Creative Prompt: Stars in Jars

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Playing with Alien Botany

The Nursery Department grows and sells Alien Botany from seeds from all over the planets. I bet you didn't know that. I'm developing the pages for the book and here's a sneak peek for all you readers. What started out as a sketch... Before clean-up and for the coloring page. Creating a planet for the… Continue reading Playing with Alien Botany

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Creative Prompt of the Week: Talk Two-Headed Giraffe

I met a two-headed giraffe today. He was buried in a rummage sale. Must have gotten lost somewhere along the way, most likely because he was missing two ears. As boss of the Idea Emporium Mall, I am in charge of hiring. This guy seriously needs a job. So, help me out. What department should… Continue reading Creative Prompt of the Week: Talk Two-Headed Giraffe