Fashion dept.


“Many Ways to Dress a Giraffe”

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Let’s make Grafitti Dresses for Giraffes, shall we? Create a pattern to fill up the dress.

The Fashion Department

Clarice runs the Fashion Department. Clarice is very particular where things go and how clothes are folded, and she is a bit near-sighted probably because her head is very high up from the ground. The Fashion Department caters to unusual customers who might not find clothes elsewhere, which causes a great deal of design problem challenges. Designing Fairy makes dresses just for the Idea Emporium.

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There’s new headpieces designed by our Giraffe staff.

New Fairy Dresses are in!


The latest fairy dress in the department. Would you wear it? Why don’t you design what an Empress Dress would look like? Your limit is doodling within the dress.


The latest from Designing Fairy sold in the mall in the making. What would you add?




Download for your coloring pleasure:


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