Bakery dept.

The Bakery Department 

Welcome to the Bakery Department at the Idea Emporium mall. It’s a typical day in the Bakery, where things don’t always go as planned. The bakery is run by fairies with Marjorie, assistant baker, and Leopold, head baker. 


The crows work in the bakery for shiny things.


An occasional chocolate rabbit helps with the donut production and delivery, and Reg, Marjorie’s best friend assists.


The goods baked there are a bit unusual, like, bouncing cakes, and Underwater Lollipops


Bakery Specials This Week

Here’s some Vine Cake. Grows an instant beanstalk. Popular among the Giants.


Another popular item is our Donut Bicycles. Great for long trips when you get hungry along the way. To see more of my inventions, follow my Instagram.


Check out the Magical Cupcakes. Buy one get one free for a friend.


There’s Curly Bread fresh from the oven.

And Glow in the Dark Twinkies.


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