About Ronni

Designing Fairy, Ronni Rose-Swanson


My name is Ronni Rose-Swanson and I am a Designing Fairy. It is rumored I am part or mostly fairy (don’t tell) stuck in a human body, but I’ve said too much about that. I am the Mall Manager of the imaginary mall, Idea Emporium. 

I am a designer/illustrator who loves to make things that teach and helps others in a fun, interactive way, because I believe learning should be fun. For ten years I owned the international, online school, Fairy Online School. I’m trained in Design (Associates degree) and Fine Art (Bachelors degree) and have a Graduate certification in Instructional Design through Full Sail University. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters degree in Education (emphasis in Instructional Design & Learning Technologies) from Drexel University, and studying animation in my spare time.

I’m the published illustrator of activity books, Cooking Art (Gryphon House), Word Swirls (Element Children’s Books), creator of my own Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck and Comfort Cards for Transitions, best-selling Help! I’m Sensitive, and book 2, Your Turtle Shell. 

Fun Facts:

  • My artistic role models include Ed Emberley (teaching drawing with fun), Lynda Barry (check out Syllabus), Tim Burton (his drawings rock), the late Jim Henson (genius mind who taught), and the late Edward Gorey (a marvel at pen and ink). 
  • I have worked as a retail salesperson early in my career, and I must say, I am more suited for managing an imaginary mall.
  • I am partial to pretty cupcakes and scones and I found out that I had a grandfather that was a baker. 
  • When I was a little fairy I illustrated and wrote plays and stories, and apparently, I never stopped. I am partial to tutus and dancing, anything dogs, and I have seen every episode of Project Runway. Oh, and I have a fairy tent.


My life

 I live in a treehouse in Arizona with a talking dog, a leggy bloodhound puppy who steals stuffed animals, my supportive elf husband, and three creative fairy step-children who give me ideas, one of which expects me to pay him big one day in book royalties.


I’d love to hear from you! To contact me, fill out the form below, or email at designingfairy (at) yahoo.com