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Focus for Creative People – What to Avoid

avoidlistBig project to do? Deadline looming over your head? I give you…

Things (places, links, shows, etc.) to Avoid:

  • The news
  • Anything that starts out with “Trump did…”
  • Shiny things, glitter, new pens. New pens? Where? No, really, don’t look.
  • A marathon of Bee and Puppycat. Must. Not. Watch now. Maybe just one episode…
  • Cute dog videos.
  • She said what on Facebook? Are you serious?! Oh, I need to comment…no, step away from Facebook. Step back to work. There now. That’s better.
  • A survey to fill out? Okay.
  • Any episode of Handmaid’s Tale. Oh so sad. Oh so oppressive. Why can’t they escape out of there? Oh, what is the point of anything? Dang, don’t want to fall into that quicksand.
  • Answer the phone for Spam. Do I have a moment to answer a survey? Well, I did fill out that other one.
  • Any episode of the mindless, useless Bachelor series. It’s just so empty, so fake, so light and airy like balloons. Let those balloons fly higher and higher and hopefully, not get tied around a pole somewhere.
  • Now might be the time to re-organize my closet! No! Get back to work. Do you see what you are doing here?
  • I might have what disease according to the Facebook Feed? And is that freckle growing? And did I eat that one thing that has that chemical that can make my hair fall out in large clumps? Oh dear Goodness! I better get that checked out right now.
  • There’s a fire growing in New Mexico. How far away is that? I better go google it. Can it jump over state lines?
  • I need to help that person by teaching them…no, you don’t. Step away. Go back to the project. Didn’t we just have this conversation?


Replace with:

  • Relaxing or upbeat music to wall off the world why you work.
  • A dog baby sitter. Really need one of those.
  • A lock on the studio door.
  • A class in Detaching from Drama or Better Boundaries. Where can I find that right now?
  • No internet on your iPad or block Facebook from it. (Really helps but don’t be surprised if you feel that strong pull).
  • A separate room.
  • A reward at the end.
  • A few breaks to walk in the Forest.
  • Headphones.
  • Ida1

Remember, you need to create. It’s good for you. It’s your food. It’s what you do. Just don’t let the world pull you away from it.

Until next time,


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