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The Gift and Curse of SOUND


I’m telepathic. It’s a weird skill and one I didn’t know I had until my first animal communication class back in 1998. I later became an animal communicator because I could hear the thoughts of the animals pretty clearly and I love animals and wanted to help them. For over fourteen years I was a practicing animal communicator. When I stopped in 2014, I thought my head would grow quiet and I’d have a rest. Instead, I find I pick up on thoughts and sounds even more and I need to be careful what affects me without me realizing it. I become overly exhausted from too much sound, whether a noisy mall, too loud neighbors, or the kids making noise in the middle of the room with repeat nonsense sounds.

There’s so much noise right now on the Internet and the feeds and you can inadvertantly pick up the Noise in your head and walk away with it, much like a tune that bounces around in your head you can’t get rid of.

When there was so much of the political unrest after the election and right before there was a collective Sound of Helplessness and Anger. Anywhere you felt that in your life it flared up to deal with.

When there were horrible floods and hurricanes, the Sound was feeling overwhelmed or flooded in your life.

With the current Weinstein story and sexual abuse stories, women everywhere hear the Sound of when they were abused. It’s like a note on a keyboard that is pressed and immediately, you are back there, experiencing that disrespect, that violation, that betrayal. That sound brings back the energy and pulls you in.


Don’t get lost in it

Sounds are good if they bring up experiences to heal. That’s the gift of Sound. Face it, deal with it, let it all out. But if Sound brings something up you shouldn’t get lost in it. It’s not now, it’s then. Honor it, learn from it, watch it from afar, and then bring in a new sound. But recognize it. You are reacting to a certain time, a certain note being played. You are safe.

Hearing too many stories may be overwhelming you. Your empathy is on overload. You don’t need to hear more Weinstein experiences from actresses. You already get his number. You need to fight Sound with Sound. Hear your own thoughts, and music is the antidote to take you there.



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